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Diamond Jewellery

A simple but irresistible beauty of the Gems marvelously set into exotic designs. Just an array of Shimmering Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Blue and Yellow Sapphires and many more each with uncompromising quality and Craftsmanship. Bright and elegant find an Ornament just fit for any reason, any occasion.

Precious Stone Jewellery

Precious and semi precious stone yellow, Blue, Green, colors and pretty stones, beautifully set into unique and vivacious designs visualizing the deepest desires and dreams. The dazzling beauty and the energetic look in each piece just mesmerizes.

Gold Jewellery

It’s the beauty of the Craftsmanship that couldn’t be hidden. Be it a tiny Nose Pin or a complete range of Bridal set, they exhibit the commitment to excellence. Enjoy the range of designs of all types Traditional, Contemporary, Light weight, Novel , Exclusive and many more.

Exquisite Master Pieces

Sri Krishna Jewellers  is a name which, for decades has been synonymous with the finest and most exclusive jewelry. The Sri Krishna Jewelers hallmarks have always been top-quality gems, imaginative and distinctive designs, of the most exquisite workmanship.